About Us

Rippel Effect is a privately owned military equipment and systems manufacturer. We have been supplying a range of own designed grenade launchers, sighting and observation systems, and accessories to defense and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Our fully qualified 4th generation handheld 40mm Multi-shot Grenade Launchers (MGL) are now in service with numerous military and paramilitary forces, marines and special operations forces in the Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

The flagship XRGL40® Extended Range Grenade Launcher is certified to fire both Low- and Medium Velocity 40mm grenades, as well as less-lethal riot /crowd control ammunition from the same launcher with no configuration changes.

A recent addition to our portfolio is Rippel Effect’s dedicated less-lethal launcher available in both 40mm and 37/38mm, specifically for peacekeeping and law enforcement operations.


As a defense original equipment manufacturer (OEM) we strive for unmatched innovation and quality. We design for ease of operation in the harsh military environment, where threats in assymetric warfare place unparalleled demands on the infantry warfighter, peacekeeper and specialist operator.

Our focus is holistic: to design and develop a complete system comprising weapon, sight, ammunition and ancillary equipment.

Therefore, our GR40® electronically programmable sighting system is able to distinguish between the use of low- and medium velocity ammunition. Rippel Effect’s weapon mounts enable the use of the launchers on vehicles and boats without reconfiguring the weapon, yet allowing the operator to de-bus in seconds with launcher in-hand. The compact, lightweight UBL40™under-barrel grenade launcher for assault rifles was designed primarily with Rippel Effect’s upgrade kits for AK-47 type assault rifles in mind.

All our products are manufactured to comply with the latest stringent military (NATO) standards.

Since 1995 we have built a solid reputation for the supply and long-term support of products to the world market, along with training in our respective client countries.

Though based in South Africa, we engage personally with our clients. Our philosophy as prime contractor is to take full responsibility for the complete business cycle, and in full adherence to regulatory prescripts.

Rippel Effect adopted a risk based thinking approach to its business management system and in December 2016, we became one of the first companies in the South African Defence Industry to have its business management system certified according to ISO 9001: 2015. In this process we consulted with – and were very ably assisted by Wooden Trigger.

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