Less Lethal Multi-shot Launcher

Rippel Effect specialises in the development, marketing, selling and after-sales support of a range of world-class products. Our products are qualified to latest NATO standards. The current product list includes:

RLL37/38 and RLL40: Less-Lethal Launchers

In response to client requirements, Rippel Effect has launched its range of innovative less-lethal launchers for the world market.

The RLL37/38™ less-lethal launcher is aimed at law enforcement agencies, SWAT teams and military peacekeeping forces whose operations usually preclude deadly force.

An innovative feature of the RLL37/38™ is the ability to reverse or forward select grenades without opening the launcher. This enables intentional skipping of rounds and quick reverting to skipped ones.

The six-shot cylinder cannot be over-tensioned when winding it. The 3.8 kg (< 7 lb) less-lethal launcher has a fail-safe feature to prevent it being used with lethal grenades.

Rippel Effect also offers the launcher in a 40mm version due to the prevalence of both 40mm and 37/38mm calibers in the military / defense and law enforcement environments.