Single-Shot Launchers

Rippel Effect specialises in the development, marketing, selling and after-sales support of a range of world-class products. Our products are qualified to latest NATO standards. The current product list includes:


The UBL40 is a light weight, single shot, underslung 40 x 46 low velocity grenade launcher. The controls of the launcher are fully ambidextrous, and loading of the launcher can be done from the left or the right side of the launcher. The UBL40 can accommodate any length of ammunition, up to the length of the barrel, as the barrel swings open to the side, instead of forwards. It is capable of firing all NATO MOPI 40mm low velocity ammunition, as well as most less lethal ammunition. It can be delivered in a long and short barrel configurations, as well as a steel or aluminium barrel, depending on the needs of the client. It can also be chambered, on order, as a 37/38mm launcher for exclusively less lethal applications.

UBL 40