Weapon Upgrade Kits

Rippel Effect® is known in the market as a manufacturer of innovative solutions for handheld weapon systems. With the capability to customise existing assault rifles, we now offer a viable, cost-effective solution to upgrading AK-47 types.

Upgrade Kits

Rippel Effect’s AK47 Upgrade Kit transforms the ubiquitous military assault rifle into a versatile platform that significantly enhances the warfighter’s operational effectiveness.

The Upgrade Kit requires NO mechanical modifications on the weapon, which can – subsequent to the upgrade – accommodate a range of ancillary equipment, like a reflex sight, flashlights, lasers, tactical grips and an under-barrel grenade launcher.

Importantly, our Rippel Effect AK47 upgrade is designed to:

  • Retain the existing maintenance- and stoppage routines of the weapon
  • Retain the performance of the weapon
  • Retain the use of the existing sights on the weapon.

A version of the upgrade is available for most AK models, or can be customised to fit any AK model.

The Rippel Effect AK47 Upgrade Kit also includes the telescopic folding butt (TFB) for improved accuracy and the ergonomics of the weapon system.