Rippel Effect


XRGL40®: Extended range 4th generation grenade launcher – world’s first. Area weapon accurate up to 800m range. Fires medium velocity (MV), low velocity (LV) and less-lethal riot / crowd control ammunition (duration: 2 min.)

XRGL40® Rapid fire test

XRGL40® Rapid fire test: Demonstrating XRGL40® extended range grenade launcher’s ability to fire six shots in 3 seconds (duration: 1 min.)

Double Mount

The Double Mount is a recoil-buffered soft mount system specifically developed and qualified for the Rippel Effect series of 40mm Multi-Shot Grenade Launchers. It accommodates the weapons without any modification to the launchers.

GR 40®

This all-weather reflex sight was designed, developed and manufactured specifically for use with the Rippel Effect XRGL40® multi-shot 40mm extended range grenade launcher, when the weapon is set to fire medium velocity (MV) ammunition.

Rippel Effect 37/38mm Less Lethal Multi-Shot Launcher

Rippel Effect is proud to introduce its latest innovation, designed and developed with the input from experienced SWAT operators and the foremost Less Lethal Ammunition manufacturers.

RLL40 Rapid Fire Test

The RLL40 fires 6 X 40mm less lethal ammunition in 4 seconds.


QL-40™ 40MM QUICK-LOADER: With significantly reduced reloading time the QL-40™ ensures a much higher rate of fire. Six grenades are loaded in seconds, instead of one-by-one. The weapon is re-armed at the same time.